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WE carry Soluble oil, Semi-Synthetic, & Synthetic coolants produced by JTM.

Premium Performance State-Of-The-Art Coolants / Cutting Oil

KOOLRite Long Life Coolants are establishing a new standard for overall performance among modern cutting fluid products.

KOOLRite™ Long Life Coolants are “praised in the shop,” where their advanced technologies deliver unparalleled performance for cutting oil products. View...
KOOLRite™ 2290 Long Life Coolant KOOLRite 2290 is a new generation of  Semi- Synthetic cutting fluid that utilizes JTM’s unique BioArmor Technology to give you a coolant with outstanding control of bacteria without the use of bactericides. With BioArmor protection, KOOLRite 2290 will stop sump odors, give you exceptionally long sump life...
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