KOOLRite™ 2290 Long Life Coolant

KOOLRite 2290 is a new generation of  Semi- Synthetic cutting fluid that utilizes JTM’s unique BioArmor Technology to give you a coolant with outstanding control of bacteria without the use of bactericides. With BioArmor protection, KOOLRite 2290 will stop sump odors, give you exceptionally long sump life and a clean, comfortable, safe work environment for machine operators.

KOOLRite 2290 does not contain chlorine or sulfur and yet with the use of new technology, it is designed for on all metals and operations including heavy duty operations on tough alloys where extreme pressure is required.

Unlike competitive oil-based coolants, KOOLRite 2290 will reject tramp oils allowing clean coolant to be delivered to the chip/tool interface keeping your machine tool clean with a minimum of residual film, while providing excellent corrosion control.

Koolrite 2290 Advantages

Praised in the Shop:

-No sump stench!
-Lowest possible coolant consumption
-At least doubles your sump life!
-No biocides needed
-Low foam and multi-metal capability simplifies coolant inventory
-Minimizes machine maintenance and downtime
-Low total costs
-Non-staining formula, great for all aluminum alloys

Greatest Operator Comfort; Welcome at Home:

-No sump stench!
-No additions of biocides to the sump
-Non-hazardous formula
-Does not contain phenols, nitrites, chlorine, bactericides or DCHA
-Proven gentle on hands!
-The perfect coolant for central system. Will eliminate odors and the need for additives, and will lower coolant consumption 15% to 25%.

Synthetic and Soluble Oil coolant are also available.

5 gall pail & 55 gall drum are available for products.  For more info visit:


KOOLRite 2290 Product Data Sheet

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