Straight Vegetable Based & Mineral Cutting Oils for Swiss Turning

Our non-chorinated, vegetable based LubeRite straight oils are formulated for Swiss Turning centers. LubeRite vegetable oils are made with quality components to enhance tool life and provide well finished components in metal removal operations from low to high cutting speeds. These special properties prevent momentary welding of the tool and work pieces at the contact area, while the viscosities enables the oil to more easily penetrate, or flow, to the contact area. LubeRite vegetable oils are specially designed to achieve high performance on tough materials such as stainless steels, titanium, high-temperature alloys and beryllium copper. LubeRite vegetable oils are designed to wash off easier than mineral oils. These properties make it especially good for medical industry applications. LubeRite vegetable oils are a good alternative to mineral based oils and are easier on machine operator’s skin.

LubeRite 2101 – ISO 22 viscosity
LubeRite 2102 – ISO 15 viscosity – Formulated to run in bar feeders as a dual purpose oil.

LubeRite 2104 – ISO 10 viscosity

LubeRite Straight Vegetable oils are competitively priced and can easily replace all major brand cutting oils

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